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The-Unmediocre-Store-Kusmi-Anastasia-Back-Tea-Orange-Blossom-Organic-Tin-Tea The-Unmediocre-Store-Kusmi-Anastasia-Back-Tea-Orange-Blossom-Organic-Tea
100g large tin 20g small tin
100g large tin 20g small tin


100g of loose-leaf tea in a steel tin.

An organic Earl Grey with a pinch of lemon and orange blossom, as daring and enigmatic as the Princess Anastasia herself.

This lively young woman had a thirst for freedom and was incredibly ahead of her time. Quite the rebel, she was quick to flaunt her audacious, mischievous behavior about the palace! She was as spirited as bergamot, as charming as orange blossom, and as bubbly as lemon. Anastasia would have loved this organic black tea revamped in an iconic Earl Grey and worthy of a duchess of our modern times!

If you have stopped believing in fairy tales, then reawaken the princess within you by enjoying a delicious organic Anastasia tea!
Black tea*, bergamot, lemon and lime essential oils, natural flavoring


100g Loose leaf tea in a sealed tin. 

Organic Russian Morning N°24 is a truly artistic product! An intriguing blend of three premium black teas that go perfectly together. First up is Grand Yunnan, an organic black tea from China offering subtle notes. Next is an organic black Ceylon tea, full-bodied with hints of chocolate. Last but not least, we have the powerful flavors of an Assam black tea. Together, they form our organic Russian Morning N°24, balanced and skillfully assembled!

Black tea connoisseurs will be delighted, and novices will discover this blend at breakfast! What’s more, this premium recipe is even better with a drop of milk!


Grand Yunnan black tea*, Assam black tea*, Ceylon black tea*. *Organically grown ingredients


100g Loose leaf tea in a sealed steel tin.

A charming prince with tangy notes of grapefruit, orange and lime on an Earl Grey base!

This Prince Vladimir really is a catch! He arrives gloriously on his white horse and whisks you away for an unforgettable teatime. Who could say no to a cup of tea served by a prince?

The horse ride begins… Using a base of organic Earl Grey black tea, Prince Vladimir gathers the finest fruits to delight your taste buds: bergamot, grapefruit, and lemon… all topped off with delicious orange peel! Slip from medieval Russia to the modern day and back again with every sip! Protective, reassuring, and always with a winning smile, Vladimir offers a truly timeless experience.

Black tea* (95%), orange peel*, cinnamon extract, natural vanilla flavor, natural clove flavor, citrus essential oils. *Organically grown ingredients


100g Loose leaf tea in a sealed tin. 

An organic Earl Grey black tea flavored with the intense contrasting taste of bergamot.

 Organic Earl Grey Intense is Kusmi Tea's own version of Earl Grey, a new look at this unforgettable blend. It is intensely flavorful, and comes in an easily recognizable tin with a gold lid. It pairs black tea with the power of bergamot essential oil and tangy notes of lemon peel. Earl Grey Intense is a tea that will captivate men and women alike. Share it at breakfast time, or for an afternoon tea.


Black tea*, lemon peel* (2%), essential oil of bergamot. *Organically grown ingredients

100g loose leaf tea in a sealed steel tin.

Breakfast is ready! Two bold organic black teas combine to offer you a quintessentially British breakfast.

London Calling! Will you answer the irresistible call from across the Channel and indulge in an oh-so English breakfast?

Ladies and gentlemen… Get inspired by iconic British composure and enjoy your English Breakfast tea with pure nonchalance. As the curls of steam escape from your mug and the mist clears behind the window, you might just catch sight of Big Ben looming above the Thames. Yummy! This blend of two exceptional organic black teas is the epitome of English elegance. A powerfully flavorsome Ceylon black tea combines with a punchy Assam black tea. A must for an English Breakfast!

With this blend, your breakfast will be fit for the Queen… especially with a little drop of milk!
A story worthy of the works of Shakespeare lies behind English Breakfast tea! In 1834, British merchant Richard Davies founded a tea company in New York. He sold a blend of black teas, and named it English Breakfast to convince the New Yorkers that it was highly popular in Great Britain. And it worked! The blend was an instant hit. But it was only around 60 years later, in 1892, that “Breakfast Tea” finally arrived in the UK.


Ceylon black tea*, Assam black tea*. *Organically grown ingredients
Nina Teapot Nina Teapot
The Nina is a modern spin on the classic teapot. It features a large comfortable handle, textural finish and distinctive smooth shape. Perfect for a calm afternoon of quiet contemplation, you may find you’ve drained the whole pot before you know it.

Dimensions 5.9" l x 4.8" w x 8.3" h
Classic Teapot Classic Teapot
A classically shaped teapot doesn’t need to be boring. This rich teapot will keep you coming back for those perfectly brewed pots of tea, time after time.

800 ml
Jaimi Porcelain Large Teapot Jaimi Porcelain Large Teapot
The Jaimi has all of the familiarity and comfort of a classic teapot with a modern twist so tea-time will never be boring. Find your next creature comfort in Jaimi.

1 liter
Jaimi Tea For One Jaimi Tea For One
A cup of tea is a wonderful thing to share, but it’s perfect as a solo drink too. Escape the day to enjoy solitary cups of tea with the white Jaimi set. Consisting of a teapot, cup, and infuser that are designed to fit together, the Jaimi is made just for you.

Dimensions 6.9" l x 6.7" w x 5.1" h
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