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Nina Teapot Nina Teapot
The Nina is a modern spin on the classic teapot. It features a large comfortable handle, textural finish and distinctive smooth shape. Perfect for a calm afternoon of quiet contemplation, you may find you’ve drained the whole pot before you know it.

Dimensions 5.9" l x 4.8" w x 8.3" h
Classic Teapot Classic Teapot
A classically shaped teapot doesn’t need to be boring. This rich teapot will keep you coming back for those perfectly brewed pots of tea, time after time.

800 ml
Jaimi Porcelain Large Teapot Jaimi Porcelain Large Teapot
The Jaimi has all of the familiarity and comfort of a classic teapot with a modern twist so tea-time will never be boring. Find your next creature comfort in Jaimi.

1 liter
Jaimi Tea For One Jaimi Tea For One
A cup of tea is a wonderful thing to share, but it’s perfect as a solo drink too. Escape the day to enjoy solitary cups of tea with the white Jaimi set. Consisting of a teapot, cup, and infuser that are designed to fit together, the Jaimi is made just for you.

Dimensions 6.9" l x 6.7" w x 5.1" h
Infusion Glass Teapot Infusion Glass Teapot
1 Litre 600 ml
1 Litre 600 ml
With the fine mesh stainless steel infuser, nothing but goodness will be released into your teapot. Bring back the magic of tea. With oak Lid.

Savour the peaceful experience of watching your tea grow even richer as it brews to perfection inside this organic glass body.

650 ml

Saga Cast Iron Teapot Saga Cast Iron Teapot
You no longer have to sacrifice quality for style. With the Saga Iron Tea Kettle, you have the advantage of durability alongside perfect heat retention all wrapped in a minimal modern design. Incite your passion for tea with this invitingly curvaceous teapot.

800 ml
Jaimi Porcelain Teapot Small Jaimi Porcelain Teapot Small

For those who crave something a little different, something a little unique, we have just the thing to fill that void. Modern and classic design have converged to create an exceptionally adorable teapot in the Jaimi. You’ll love drinking tea more than ever. 

0.65 L

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