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The-Unmediocre-Store-G-H-Pincer-Tea-Infuser The-Unmediocre-Store-G-H-Classic-Tea-Ball-Infuser
Various styles.
The-Unmediocre-Store-G-H-Format1-Pack-Of-100-Paper-Tea-Filters The-Unmediocre-Store-G-H-Format2-Pack-Of-100-Paper-Tea-Filters
1 Cup 2 Cups 4-8 Cups
1 Cup 2 Cups 4-8 Cups

Assorted sizes.

Pack of 100 paper filters

The-Unmediocre-Store-Kinto-Turquoise-500ml-Travel-Tumbler The-Unmediocre-Store-Kinto-Red-500ml-Travel-Tumbler
500ml 350ml
500ml 350ml

The cap is simple without excess details and you can drink from any angle pleasantly, like drinking out of a glass or mug. A special structure catches ice cubes and drinks come out in perfect amount.

Double-walled stainless steel tumbler prevents heat transfer with a vacuum between its inner and outer walls. The foil layer covering the inner wall reflects heat back inside, contributing to excellent heat and cold retention.

In addition to usability, material and texture support long-term use. Made of durable 18-8 stainless steel, the tumbler does not rust easily. The colored tumblers have a powder coat finish on the surface which prevents scratches.

High-quality stainless steel helps to preserve the rich aroma and flavor of drinks. The smooth electro-polished interior prevents odors and stains, letting you maintain it clean and fresh.

Infusion Tea Egg Infusion Tea Egg
Brewing tea doesn’t need to be a grand affair. Living light can still be perfect for tea-making. With the Infusion Tea Egg, you’ll brew individual cups of delectable tea. Take that time just for you with the infuser that’s just made for one.

Dimensions 3.9" l x 2.3" w x 3.5" h
Collapsible Tea Strainer Collapsible Tea Strainer
Traveling to far off lands doesn’t mean leaving all home comforts behind. With the Infusion Collapsible Tea Strainer enjoy a perfect brew even when you’re far from home. Compact and storage-friendly this strainer will fit into the most brimming of suitcases or cutlery drawers.

Dimensions3.9" l x 3.9" w x 1.4" h
With the Infusion Tea Strainer, you’ll brew individual cups of delectable tea. Take that time just for you with the infuser that’s just made for one.

Height 9 cm, 3.5 inch
Width 6.2 cm, 2.4 inch

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