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Frasier Fir Collection Frasier Fir Collection

A tradition that feels right at home.

The aromatic snap of Siberian fir, cedarwood and earthy sandalwood combined to create a just-cut forest fragrance that evokes warmth and comfort.

Essential Oil Blends Essential Oil Blends

Wildwoods: An elevating blend of sweet and spicy clove, refreshing fir, and woody balsam.
Ingredients: Fir, balsam, and clove essential oils.

Cinder: A musky blend of grounding Vetiver, warming cedar and cinnamon, and uplifting sweet orange essential oils.
Ingredients: Vetiver, sweet orange, and cinnamon essential oils.

Original: An invigorating blend of soothing eucalyptus, aromatic vanilla, refreshing pine, and uplifting sweet orange.
Ingredients: Fir, Cedar, Pine, Eucalyptus, Orange, and Vanilla essential oils.

Flora: A floral blend of refreshing bergamot, calming lavendar, exotic patchouli, and warming cedar.
Ingredients: Lavender, Cedar, Bergamot, and Patchouli essential oils.

Cascadia: An earthy blend of warming cedar, exotic pathcouli, and refreshing fir.
Ingredients: Fir, cedar, and patchouli essential oils.

Recharge: A stimulating blend of healing peppermint, and renewing rosemary essential oils.
Ingredients: Peppermint and Rosemary essential oils

The-Unmediocre-Store-Juniper-Ridge-White-Sage-Smudge-Stick The-Unmediocre-Store-Juniper-Ridge-Set-Of-3-Sage-Cedar-Mugwort-Smudge-Stick
3/Set 2/Set white sage minis Large white sage bundle
3/Set 2/Set white sage minis Large white sage bundle

Ancient incense, sustainably harvested.

Directions: Light the end with a lighter or a match, and allow it to smolder and fill your space with the resinous scent of the west’s mountain-backcountry. Relight as desired. Have a bowl of sand nearby to extinguish. Be careful with fire and never leave the burning stick alone.

White Sage – Beautiful leaf clusters and enormous flowering stalks burst forth in the spring, painting streaks of white against the rusty green hillsides.

Mugwort – Thick stands of fragrant, broad leaved plant run up and down both sides of the riparian, mountain paradise. The sound of a creak rippling under the sweet, sunshine wind full of bees and hummingbirds enjoying the new flowers after the snowmelt.

Cedar – The dappled light through a thick forest in the Pacific Northwest marks the trail back to the campfire. Little mushrooms rise up through the damp, black soil on both sides of the narrow path under the towering trees

The-Unmediocre-Store-Happy-Spritz-Good-Morning-Beautiful-Mini-Spritz The-Unmediocre-Store-Happy-Spritz-Good-Morning-Beautiful-Mini-Spritz
• size: 30ml/1oz frosted glass amber bottle
• portion of all proceeds goes to benefit animal rescue

 Sweet Dreams Darling® is a luxe + powerful lavender and calming chamomile essential oil spray that will help promote relaxation + restful sleep.  Whether you are getting ready to catch zzz's or just needing to calm your nerves before a mid-day meeting, this blend will have you covered. 

Spritz (2-3 sprays) directly on your face + body + on pillows/linens whenever you need to feel relaxed and before bed.
• keynotes: lavender essential oil + chamomile essential oil
• usage: facial mist *avoid contact with eyes
Good Morning Beautiful ® is an energizing, uplifting + indulgent blend of sweet orange, lemon and other 100% pure essential oils that will keep you feeling rejuvenated + revitalized throughout the day.

Spritz (2-3 sprays) directly on your face + body, whenever you need a little boost.
• keynotes: organic sweet orange + lemon peel 
• usage: face + body mist  *avoid contact with eyes

Breathe Deeply™ is an invigorating and cooling mix of organic peppermint + eucalyptus essential oil (and other 100% steam distilled essential oils). This aromatherapy blend is soothing, stimulating and refreshing. Use at the office, on long flights + road trips to keep you alert and feeling refreshed. Bring to the beach or pool and store in the fridge for a little bit of extra chill after sweaty workouts. Eucalyptus oil can help with stress, and provides you with relief from seasonal allergies + colds.  

Spritz (2-3 sprays) directly on your face + body to naturally cool and soothe your skin.

• keynotes: organic peppermint essential oil and eucalyptus essential oil

usage: face + body  *avoid contact with eyes

Good Karma™ is a balancing and toning rosewater blend, infused with rose + aloe and followed up with a hint of invigorating peppermint essential oil. This blend is restoring and moisturizing leaving your skin feeling soft + hydrated.  

Spritz (2-3 sprays) directly on your face + body throughout the day. Perfect for post sun exposure, after you shower or try using as a make up setter. 

• keynotes: light rose, hint of mint
• usage: facial mist  *avoid contact with eyes

Namaste Ninja® essential oil spray will clear your mind and clean your mat. This aromatherapy blend uses organic tea tree essential oil as one of the main ingredients which is known for its antimicrobial, anti-fungal properties, making this perfect for post workout.

Use on your face + body + any surface (yoga mat, gym bag, shoes) that would would like naturally cleaned. This prized and precious blend will leaving you feeling like you just left the spa, not hot yoga!

• keynotes: organic tea tree + eucalyptus
• usage: face + body mist  *avoid contact with eyes
Everyday Mist Everyday Mist

Refresh, restore, and revitalize with Woodlot mists.

Rose + Palo Santo

Soothe and refresh with rejuvenating rose hydrosol and stress-relieving palo santo—this everyday mist is a must for it’s skin toning properties.

Ingredients: Rose Hydrosol, Witch Hazel, Palo Santo Essential Oil, Geranium Bourbon Essential Oil.


Uplift your mind and mood with this bright blend of crisp sweetgrass, zesty witch hazel, earthy lavender, and fresh juniper.

Ingredients: Sweetgrass Hydrosol, Witch Hazel, Lavender Essential Oil, Cedar Essential Oil & Juniper Essential Oil


Indulge your senses with this blushing blend of calming lavender, refreshing bergamot, and zesty witch hazel.

Ingredients: Lavender Hydrosol (Lavender Floral Water), Witch Hazel, Lavender Essential Oil and Bergamot Essential Oil.

Shake well to mix. 2 oz. 



Sustainably harvested from the fallen branches of Ecuadorian Palo Santo trees, ancient traditions revere this ‘Holy Wood’ for it’s purifying, cleansing and healing properties.

Ingredients: 5 sticks of natural palo santo wood.

Burn the end of a stick and spread throughout the air to cleanse your space. A natural alternative for warding off mosquitos.

The-Unmediocre-Store-Homecoming-Amber-Bitter-Orange-Room-Spray The-Unmediocre-Store-Homecoming-Amber-Bitter-Orange-Room-Spray

Shake well to blend before each use. Keep stored at room temperature and away from direct sunlight or any source of heat. Avoid contact with eyes and keep product out of reach of children and pets.

Our home mist is best used in interior spaces, though safe for most fabrics we recommend testing textiles in an inconspicuous area first.


Fragrance Blend
Witch Hazel
Distilled Water

Amber + Bitter Orange

Scent Notes: Citrus, Clove, Lavender + Balsam

A sun-soaked daydream of a candle underscored by notes of rich amber and warm citrus. Feels like magic hour and first kisses. If you like Amber Bitter Orange, be sure to check out Black Tea + Pepper and Cardamom Star Anise.

Oak Moss & Sage

Scent Notes: Amber, Lavandin, Sandalwood + Orange

This clean-smelling candle is our tribute to earthy moss, fresh grass, and those last moments of morning dew. With the faintest touch of citrus, this is the perfect unisex scent for any space. Feels like the gentle buzz of waking up early on the weekend. If you like Oakmoss + Sage try Vetiver + Geranium and Cedarwood + Pine.

Peppermint + Eucalyptus

Scent Notes: Cedar, Spearmint, Patchouli + Powder

Clean, clean, clean, and oh so invigorating. If you long for an extended stay at an outdoor spa, then look no further than Peppermint + Eucalyptus. This is the perfect addition to your self-care ritual, whether that be morning mediation or a soak in the tub. If you like Peppermint + Eucalyptus be sure to check out Pink Citrus + Garden Mint and Fig + Green Leaves.

Pink Citrus + Garden Mint

Scent Notes: Grapefruit, Rhubarb, Vanilla + Mint

With the brightest notes of our 8oz candles, Grapefruit + Mint is the sparkling reminder of a citrus-scented summer. With its grapefruit-tinged top and botanical base, this candle feels like poolside cocktails and plucking fruit straight from the tree. If you like Pink Citrus + Garden Mint be sure to check out Peppermint + Eucalyptus and Fig + Green Leaves.

The-Unmediocre-Store-Lucia-N1-Golt-Milk-Linseed-Reed-Diffuser The-Unmediocre-Store-Lucia-N3-Tea-Leaf-Honey-Reed-Diffuser

An original and creative way to diffuse your favorite Lucia fragrance throughout your home, office or any room that requires aromatic embellishment. Place on a table, desk or counter as you would a vase of freshly cut flowers. All Lucia fragrances are created with natural 100% Pure Essential Oils.


The-Unmediocre-Store-Halfmoon-Yoga-8oz-Unscented-Yoga-Mat-Cleaner The-Unmediocre-Store-Halfmoon-Yoga-1litre-Unscented-Yoga-Mat-Cleaner
8oz 1 Litre
8oz 1 Litre

Our Natural Mat Clean - Unscented, is a synergistic blend of natural cleansing and disinfecting ingredients that removes dirt and kills germs in a natural way.



  • Made in Vancouver
  • 100% natural
  • Made with pure essential oils
  • Non-toxic, recycled bottle
  • Unscented
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