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We live in a world filled with wonderful things—with city lights and favorite places, with fantastic opportunities, grand surprises, and plenty of special moments in between. Because what really brings these wondrous things to life are the people we know—the ones who make the adventure worth taking, the ones who turn experiences into memories, the ones who make the world better. Now offered in larger format, featuring more charming illustrations and words of appreciation. 

    17 Month Undated Planner The-Unmediocre-Store-Compendium-17-Month-Undated-Planner

    17-Month Undated Planner

    Give yourself a place to capture the things that matter most to you with this 17-month planner. Offering beautiful words, uplifting quotes, weekly and monthly calendar views, dedicated pages for goals and dreams, and blank pages for note-taking, it has everything you need to bring optimism and light to your days.

    • Undated format makes it easy to begin any time of the year
    • An elegant gift to celebrate New Year’s, back to school, graduation, or a new venture
    • Features a debossed Wibalin cover with foil stamping and wire-O binding
    18 Month Planner 18 Month Planner
    The beauty of the 18-Month Planner comes in its simplicity. A bold, colorful cover opens up to a bold and clean grid calendar view, open-dated so you can start and pause on any month you like. The sturdy cover, Smyth Sewn binding, and plenty of lined notes pages give it a substantial and durable feel so you can bring your plans with you wherever you go. 

  • Environmentally friendly tree-free paper
  • Open dated, 18 months.
  • 80 pages (planner, lined and blank pages)
  • 8.25" x 11.75" (21 cm x 29.8 cm)
  • $38.00

    Start 2022 on the right foot with this large Botanica calendar. Twelve beautiful colorful plant illustrations are paired with each month of the year to give an elegant feel to this utility item. Each month has plenty of space to write down your events and important reminders.

    This calendar is part of the Botanica collection.

    Size: 12" x 18" (30.5 cm x 45.7 cm)

    Paper: Rolland Enviro100 65 lb. cover. FSC© certified. 100% post-consumer fibre.

    Illustrations by the Baltic Club.

    Printed in Montreal, Canada.

    2022 Wall Calendar 2022 Wall Calendar
    People of the world House plants
    People of the world House plants

    Featuring 12 different vibrant images these calendar's will add colour with each changing month.

    * Size:280mm x 430mm
    * Featuring 12 Illustrations
    * Appointment Calendar with space for Notes

    2022 wall calendar 2022 wall calendar
    The Great Outdoors An Almanac of Birds Art of Japan C.F.A Voysey
    The Great Outdoors An Almanac of Birds Art of Japan C.F.A Voysey

    Calendar's with images inspired by the works displayed in Londons Victoria and Albert Museum. One page per month with large dated squares to fit the whole families schedule. Each calendar has 12 assorted images.

    Size: 300 x 300 mm

    32 Ways to Dress Animals Creative Booklet 32 Ways to Dress Animals Creative Booklet

    Being an introvert comes with numerous advantages and the occasional woe, and no animal knows that better than the humble turtle hiding in its shell. This book celebrates introverts and their many wonderful, often-underrated qualities.

    The story is narrated by a lovable turtle who finds socializing tiring, prefers alone time, and recharges through solitude. Each spread features 2-color illustrations of Turtle navigating life alongside a cast of pudgy animal friends. Self-identified introverts, art and comics enthusiasts will love the spare yet resonant text, adorable narrator, and delightful illustrations. This uplifting novelty book is a cute collectible or a sweet anytime gift for a friend.

    • BESTSELLING BOOK SERIES: Author Ton Mak delivers all the same ingredients as her bestselling book A Sloth's Guide to Mindfulness with a new (adorable) animal protagonist you'll instantly love.
    • INTROVERTS DESERVE TO BE CELEBRATED: Introverts are having a moment (separately, each one on their own). People are preferring to stay in rather than go out and this book makes it ok to need some alone time.

    Perfect for:

    • Introverts, and Extroverts who are secretly Introverts.
    • People who like turtles.
    • Fans of quirky comics in the style of Gemma Correll, Jomny Sun, and Yumi Sakugawa.

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